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The Kokerboom vineyard and its inclusion is pivotal in the range because Semillon (or Green Grape/ Groendruif as it is called in the Cape) made up 80% of the national planting at one point. In South Africa there is the green version referred to as Green Grape and the red version was referred to as red Green Grape… only in South Africa! But that is what it was and it was a very effective base wine for brandy as well as still white wines.The Kokerboom vineyard consists of around 80% white Green Grape and 20% red Green Grape. We pick them together and press them simultaneously. The wine is one of the richest wines we produce with pure volume and massive texture. The Semillon ripens very well in this area due to the high solar radiation and the grapes enter the cellar between 13.5 – 14% alcohol. Kokerboom has little to none of the green herbaceous flavours so often associated with the grape, but is known for its limey character with citrus, chamomile flavours and waxy textures.The 2021 Kokerboom displays ginger and cordial lime entry on the palate; the secondary aromas are more the classic lanolin waxy aromas associated with Semillon. However, this vintage is very fresh, and the same Granny Smith, greener apple aromas found in the Skurfberg, are to be found in this wine. The power is at the very end of this wine. The compact tannins and acidity take this wine to infinity and beyond!