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Category: Wine Cellaring

A wine cellar is a controlled environment for aging wine. There are two types: passive and active, based on environmental control. Key factors are temperature, humidity, vibration, light, and air quality.

Low humidity can dry corks, high temperature leads to flavor loss (“maderisation”), low temp may cause cork damage. Extreme temp changes accelerate oxidation, ruining aroma.

Air quality matters as porous corks absorb pollutants like smoke. Vibration disturbs sediments, and sunlight can harm wine.

Proper storage is crucial. Even minor changes can spoil wine. Consistency is vital: minimize light exposure, maintain stable temps, with lower temps slowing aging.

Rueda Wine Co. doubled cellar capacity to 100,000 bottles. Our facility ensures ideal humidity-to-temperature ratios, is load-shedding resistant, and offers security, insurance, and consultative services. Your wines are accessible within 24 hours, and we provide monthly cellaring reports.

Purchase top-quality wines from Rueda Wine Co. and ensure they age to perfection with us.