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Château Branaire Ducru 2018

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Château Branaire Ducru Grand Vin 2018


Saint Julien, Bordeaux, France

Winemaking and Maturation

The transformation into wine takes place slowly and calmly inside the vathouse. Checks and adjustments are automatic, but overseen by people.

The fruit from each parcel is processed in tanks of different sizes.

This essential steeping process can last up to three weeks.

In the cellar, the wine is aged to reach its purest expression. The transformation of grape juice into wine is accomplished slowly as it becomes finer, clearer and purer.

The wine is aged in oak barrels where it matures for at least eighteen months. The barrels are made from timber selected in the best French forests. 60% of them are renewed every year.

The harvest is fully bottled at the Château.

Tasting Notes

The Branaire-Ducru style is first and foremost a “House Signature”.

The three key ingredients are fruit, freshness and elegance.

As soon as he bought the property, Patrick Maroteaux said he wanted to produce wines characteristic of Saint-Julien with a uniqueness that would distinguish them as one of the greats.

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