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Château Margaux 2006

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Château Margaux Grand Vin 2006


Margaux, Bordeaux, France

Winemaking and Maturation

The objective of ageing in barrels is to allow the wines that deserve it to acquire a potential for harmonious ageing in bottles. During this period of about two years, a certain number of physicochemical transformations occur naturally, which lead to perfect transparency, better wine stability, and refinement of the wine’s organoleptic character.

Tasting Notes

For several years now, we have had a succession of great and exceptionally great vintages, indeed proving that, at least so far, the weather conditions have particularly favoured the ripening of the Cabernet grapes. It shouldn’t be overlooked, though, that this success has also been the result of more and more rigorous selection: in 2006, barely 36% of the crop went into the first wine, which will only be a third by the time it is bottled, after the unavoidable loss of the lees wine at each racking.

It brings to 2006 an extraordinary aromatic finesse, a tannic richness that is second only to 2005, and a particularly dense and tight-knit texture. The finish is very long, fresh and lively, a little bit firm, but already packed with flavour.

2006 is, therefore, a great Château Margaux vintage. Of course, it is not 2005 or 2000; those vintages are exceptional. But it does have both the grace and the purity of 1996, the so classic freshness of 2004 and the heady power of 1986 or 1995. Such balance is a brilliant expression of Château Margaux’s noble terroir but demands a little patience. We recommend waiting for several more years. (October 2018)

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