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Colombo Wines Muscat 2023

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Colombo Wines ‘There’s Something About You’ Muscat 2023


Skurfberg, Western Cape

Using the notion that great wines are made from great vineyards, this would probably be the perfect example. The Laings have owned their family farm tucked away in the Krommerivier valley for the better part of the last century.

Though they don’t know exactly how old their Muscat vineyards are, they do know that when the first Laing arrived in 1940, they were already there waiting for him. Old age isn’t the only fascinating thing about the Laings Muscat. The location itself is what really makes the place special. Could this be the perfect example of South African west coast terroir? Quite possibly. A martian landscape almost perfectly divided by the borders on the Sandveld, the Cederberg and Namaqualand. You feel like you could be in the middle of a national park. But the vines aren’t out of place at all. You get the feeling that they’ve been there for so long that the landscape has accepted them as its own.

Winemaking and Maturation

14 days Whole bunch skin contact Aged in old French oak casks
30 ppm sulphur
Nothing else added

Tasting Notes

Refreshing, taught, and intense, this is a superb skin-contact white wine. The nose is filled with white flowers—jasmine and daisies—and backed with dried orange peach. The palate is saline, acid-driven, and has a beautiful phenolic grip.

Technical Details

Composition: 100% Muscat de Alexandrie

12% Alc
3.52 ph
5.9 Acid







Wine Type