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Domaine de Vernus Regnie Vernus 2021

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Domaine de Vernus is the collaboration of esteemed winemaker Guillaume Rouget from Domaine Emmanuel Rouget and Frédéric Jametton, producing exceptional cru Beaujolais.


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Domaine de Vernus Regnie Vernus 2021


Vernus, Regnie, Beaujolais, France

Type of soil: Shallow, highly altered granite, derived from ancient saprolite-type magmatic rocks dating back 320 million years and characteristic of Beaujolais geology.

Winemaking and Maturation

Vinification: Harvesting and hand sorting Crate harvesting Destimming 70% Alternate grape-treading, pump over, and delestage Cold maceration Natural fermentation three weeks Settling ten days Wild yeasts

Maturation: Ten months in oak barrels

Tasting Notes

The plot “La Cadole” returns its historical name and becomes “Vernus” in 2021. Sheltered by a large wall next to the main house, this old vineyard has attracted much attention. It produces berries with a “millerandé” effect, a wine with a very concentrated nose of black fruit aromas and peppery notes. The mouthfeel is smooth and elegant, with noble tannins, spicy notes, and a nice length. An exceptional wine.

Technical Details

100% Gamay







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