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Sadie Family Columella 2010

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Sadie Family Columella 2010


Swartland, Western Cape

Winemaking and Maturation

Hand sorting each berry for the entire production in small “strawberry” cases. Fermentation in 2000 litre open wooden fermenters. Fermentation is about three weeks at a temperature of 24 °C, followed by maceration after fermentation for another three weeks. Pressing occurs in an old basket press, and the wine is transferred directly to the barrel for malolactic fermentation.

Oaking: French oak barrels, Bordeaux Traditional selection. Tight grain. The wine ages for 18 months on the lees, followed by a rack and an additional six months of ageing on the fine lees. The total time spent is two years.

Tasting Notes

“The 2010 vintage was in every sense a five star one for the Swartland. In the preceding winter period, we spent a lot of time and effort to introduce huge volumes of compost to all of the eight vineyards that make up the Columella blend, and the increased carbon percentage in the soil has led to improvement in the water retention capacity of the soils; and subsequently, better acidity levels in the wines. The effect of this additional compost was also more apparent in the 2010 vintage since it was such a dry year.

The 2010 Columella is a multi-layered wine with fruit aromatics and textures. The depth of flavours stretches from very red bright fruit onthe initial impression through to spicy aromas, violets and blue berries.

The texture of the wine has the same complexity: it starts off with refined, smoother tannins, and then the graphitic and earthy aromas abide while a layer of structured tannins arise for a firm and lingering aftertaste.

It is a futuristic wine and should age exceptionally well into 20 years of age. Enjoy” – Eben Sadie

Technical Details

Composition: Syrah (80%), Mourvedre (17%), Grenache (3%)







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