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Taittinger Collection Vintage 1990

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Taittinger Collection Vintage 1990

For the Taittinger Collection, Corneille expresses his art using the two core values which were constant in his work from 1946 onwards: line and colour.

Figures are formed using gestures made in colour on a solid, or modulated, coloured background. Strangely-shaped birds, reminiscent of those found on bas-reliefs in Coptic monasteries or on the totem poles of Indian tribes, are depicted on a background which is painted in a green, similar to the vine leaves themselves. The birds are ready to take flight and break free from cages and barriers as universal messengers of joy – much like the wine contained within the bottle.


Champagne, France

Winemaking and Maturation

The bottle contains a Brut Millésimé 1990, made from 50 % Chardonnay and 50 % Pinot Noir, the majority of which came from the Taittinger vineyards.

After a blistering summer, the harvest in 1990 took place quite early on. The weather conditions allowed the grapes to mature superbly well in the Champagne region. They had an exceptional level of sugar, and the acidity level also remained acceptable. The wine is strong, full-bodied and richly aromatic, whilst also remaining fresh on the palate. This combination results in a vintage, which is full of character and keeps for a long time.

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