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Leader of the "grower" movement in Rioja

Alegre & Valgañón are Oscar Alegre and Eva Valgañón. Both engineers and winemakers of hand-crafted wines in the most northwestern part of Rioja Alta. Proud first generation of winemakers.

Being the first generation in a famous wine region is a big challenge. It means, determination, willingness, need, sacrifice, difficulties and especially passion and love for wine.

Being first generation has given them the freedom, to explore, to create, to learn to try, to look for a style… Oscar and Eva are making incredible wines from Rioja, based on terroir, like they were in the 19th century before the marketing of Reserva and Gran Reserva.

They protect and recover the landscape and the vineyards; they are giving more life to almost abandoned villages… they keep looking for a new expression imagining how these wines were many years ago…