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Land that becomes sensation, scents that become emotions, passion that becomes tradition.

The history of Ca’ di Press begins in the early 1900s, driven by love for nature, and, necessity. An activity born from a close bond with their territory and linked to the atmosphere when wine was made for the family. This is where the name – Ca’ di Press – takes its inspiration, which in the Piedmontese dialect means House of Pressenda, because, for the Pressenda Family, wine is a passion but above all it is their home.

The wines being made by Alice, Cristina and Bruno stand as one of the most exciting new estates coming out of the Piemonte region. The estate sits on a ridge leading up to the Perno Hamlet in the Monforte DOCG. Bruno Pressenda – the father of Alice and Cristina – is a well-established and significant grower from the region, however, it was when his two daughters took further interest in the family vineyards that Ca’ di Press sprung to life. 2018 saw the first vintage of Ca’ di Press’ Barolo come into existence with a mere 4000 bottles created. Production is minuscule, quality is through the roof.

A future star is born.