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Bouzy's Most Spectacular Producer

The Montagne de Reims boasts some of the greatest sparkling Pinot Noir in the world, and the Grand Cru village of Bouzy is its capital. The key to Bouzy’s inherent greatness lies in its deep, chalky subsoil which imparts intense expression of fruit and great mineral complexity in its wines. The village of Bouzy and Champagne Paul Bara are practically synonymous, with Paul Bara being their most renowned producer.

Gradual improvements have been made to the estate throughout the years, the vineyard area has expanded, the winery and press have been modernised and the beautiful underground cellars further dugout.  The cellar is carved entirely out of pure chalk, and over eleven metres deep.

When Paul Bara returned home at the end of World War II, he dove deep into the revitalisation of this wonderful house. One can still experience the longevity and timeless quality of the Bara’s classic style. When Bara retired, he passed the direction of the estate over to his eldest daughter, Chantale, who has kept their family traditions and their house style very much alive.

The Baras make their wines by hand with low-yielding vines and good maturity ensured by prolonged bottle ageing. Andrew Jefford, author of The New France, calls them, “…essential references for anyone who wants to enjoy and understand the ripe, dry richness of Bouzy…”