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A Beacon of Barolo

Domenico Clerico’s small estate is located in the heart of Barolo, in Monforte d’Alba. Widely regarded as one of the most respected figures in Barolo, Domenico Clerico is known for producing wines of the highest quality that truly showcase the unique characteristics of their terroir. His vineyard holdings encompass four exceptional crus in Monforte: Ginestra, Bussia, Pajana, and Mosconi.

Clerico began his winemaking journey in 1979, after a brief involvement in the olive oil industry. He focused his efforts on crafting wines that reflected the individuality of each vineyard. Interestingly, like many modernist winemakers, Clerico initially adopted a traditional approach, utilising the customary vessels of the traditionalists—Slavonian oak casks—as they were easily accessible to him. However, after 1990, Clerico transitioned to implementing more barriques into the wine-ageing process. Initially, his Baroli wines were aged in a combination of new and used French barriques, with new barrels exclusively used for a brief period. Over time, he adjusted his approach, and currently, new barrels constitute approximately 35 to 40 percent of his ageing vessels split between their Nebbiolo and Barbera wines.

Domenico Clerico, the owner, was a prominent advocate of the modernist movement in Barolo winemaking. He strove to create wines that are more approachable, exhibiting roundness and fruitiness, but without lacking the ability to age. Clerico firmly believed that the grape variety itself, rather than the production processes, holds the key to producing quality wines. Clerico passionately emphasised the importance of the land in winemaking, which is why he concentrated on crafting single-vineyard wines allowing the distinct character of each vineyard’s terroir to shine through in the final product.