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The Rulers of Ravera

In the footsteps of its founder – Elvio Cogno – Nadia Cogno and Valter Fissore direct the winery of four generations of winemakers and vine growers, dedicated to obtaining excellence that begins with the unique terroir to create wines that are famous throughout the world for their elegance, texture, and balance.

With four Barolo labels and eleven and a half hectares of vineyards in the Ravera MGA, Cogno is the most important producer of the Menzione Geografica Aggiuntiva (MeGA) “Ravera.” Ravera has also risen to be known as Novello’s most well-known cru (MGA).

The wines of Elvio Cogno have become recognised for producing wines that are able to withstand the test of time while maintaining their aromas and freshness intact both at a young age and old. With Valter and Nadia at the helm of Elvio Cogno, the estate has continued its powerful upward trajectory, leading the way and producing some of the finest wines coming out of the region. A must have in any cellar.