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Hallowed, Hallowed Ground

La Coulée de Serrant was planted in the 12th century (1130) by Cistercian Monks and remained under vine since. The year 2023 is thus the 893rd consecutive vintage. The small, old monastery which always forms part of the property is classified in France as an important historic building.

La Coulée de Serrant – Monopole

A single appellation of 7 hectares. Located on very steep slopes, dominating the Loire, the Chenin Blanc vines have more than 40 years of average age; the oldest having more than 80 years, with massal selection used to replant the young vines. Cultivated with horse and hand, the average output is 20 to 25 hectolitres per hectare. The topsoil is on average 20cm to 40cm deep with red schist bedrock, draining the vines perfectly.

The orientation of La Coulée de Serrant is South/South East. The harvest is done on average with 5 passages through the vineyard to obtain the most perfectly matured grapes.

Clos de la Bergerie – Savennières Roche aux Moines

The average of the vines is approximately 25 years. The bedrock is made up of schists and slightly deeper topsoil of approximately 30cm to 80cm deep.  The outputs are 25 to 30 hectolitres per hectare. The vineyard is east-facing.

Les Vieux Clos – Savennières

The average of the vines is unknown due to ancient massal selections and not clonal selection, to increase diversity and complexity within the vineyard. The bedrock is primarily schist, with quartz and sand also found. The outputs are of 30 to 35 hectolitres per hectare.