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Delicacy, Precision, Tannins and Power

Diego Conterno approaches winemaking with a deep sense of passion, interpretation, and artistic expression. For over three decades, Diego has viewed wine as a reflection of the unique terroir where the fruit is reaped, specifically Monforte d’Alba. His understanding of the vineyards, grapes, and the resulting wine has shaped his winemaking and wines.

In 1982, Diego embarked on a highly successful venture alongside his cousins, Claudio and Guido Fantino, known as Conterno-Fantino, renowned as part of the “modernists”, which thrived until the turn of the century. However, as the new millennium began (literally on the 1st of January 2000), Diego felt the desire to embrace new challenges and return to a more “traditionalist” approach in his winemaking. This led Diego to establish his own winery, bearing his name – Diego Conterno – a name that encapsulates the wealth of experience and passion cultivated by a man intimately familiar with his terroir and its people. From 2010, Diego’s son – Stefano – joined him full-time in the cellar.

Diego Conterno’s winery stands atop a hill, nestled amidst vineyards, serving as a visual testament to the profound connection between grapes and wine. His work philosophy is simple yet profound: when you taste Diego and Stefano’s wines, you truly experience the unique characteristics of the terroir. These qualities are forged in the vineyards and find their expression in the grapes. Each wine possesses its own story and soul, serving as a narrative of the captivating region of Monforte d’Alba.

Diego Conterno’s wines are all produced organically, a certification attained in 2014, despite having worked organically since 2010. With each wine, Diego and Stefano invite us to immerse ourselves in the rich history and unique terroir of the Langhe region, as told through their exceptional wines.