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Contesting the Norms in Bottelary

Kayleigh Hattingh is a first generation winemaker. She grew up only a couple kilometres away from where she makes her wines in the Bottelary Hills, Stellenbosch.

Kayleigh studied Viticulture and Oenology at Stellenbosch University, graduating in 2016. She has also worked and completed harvests at Ovid in Napa Valley, Terroir al Limit in Priorat and Mullineux and Leeu Family Wines. Alongside her Rebel Rebel project, she is the winemaker at Kaapzicht Wine Estate.

Kayleigh returned home in 2018 when the opportunity to join Kaapzicht Wine Estate as assistant winemaker arose. Rebel Rebel was born when she stumbled upon two beautiful parcels of dry-farmed Syrah and Colombard, situated on Kaapzicht. The Bottelary Hills are famously granitic. The soil is typical to the area – rich in granite over a deep seam of well-drained clay.

Kayleigh produces wine with minimal intervention and a very “hands-off” approach. She describes the Rebel Rebel Wine project as: “Founded in the chaos of the 2020 vintage. The wines are made naturally. No alterations or adjustments. Just pure terroir and honest reflections thereof”.

The Rebel Rebel wines are superb. They are pure and truly honest representations of where the fruit is reaped. Kayleigh is a star in the making.