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The Original Pioneer

Borgogno is a famous and highly esteemed winery in Barolo with a remarkable history dating back to 1761. It stands as one of the region’s most historic establishments, renowned and famed for its exceptional wines and vineyards. The underground cellars hold significant historical value too, serving as a rare testament to the traditions of the Langhe area, with library reserves back to the 1800s!

At Borgogno, winemaking remains deeply rooted in tradition, employing methods that have been passed down through generations. The wines undergo lengthy and spontaneous fermentations in concrete tanks, without the use of selected yeasts. They are then aged for extended periods, strictly in large Slavonian oak botti.

Borgogno cultivates vineyards in three distinct areas: Barolo, Madonna di Como, and the Colli Tortonesi. With a profound respect for the land, the winery abstains from using any chemical fertilisers and herbicides. Instead, they employ eco-friendly practices that promote sustainability and longevity. Borgogno embodies the essence of its territory and embraces its rich tradition and history. Simultaneously, the winery remains forward-thinking, always keeping an eye on the future to maintain its prominence in the ever-evolving wine industry.