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Depth, Verticality and Precision

Hailing from Guarene, Piero Palladino spent his youth in Alba, where he studied winemaking at the Istituto Enologico. In 1974, Piero bought the current Azienda Vinicola Palladino (which was the original cellar Cappellano developed the Chinato) and entrusted its management to his cousin Maurilio, his subsequent business partner.

Maurilio, together with his wife Domenica, managed the company for years, and today his experience is combined with the enthusiasm of a new generation, Maurilio’s and Piero’s granddaughters and their families.

The Palladino Philosophy: A wine cellar is its territory: a simple philosophy, focused on the link with tradition, on respect for the terroir and the passion with which we try to communicate these values throughout the world. The Palladino winery is immersed in the heart of the town, in that enchanting landscape typical of an ancient village. In this case, dominated by the Serralunga Castle, which elegantly stands out in the surrounding landscape together with the famous vineyards.